Professional Work

Various pieces from my days at Pixar Animation Studios
All work here copyright by Disney/Pixar

Andy's House Early Ext Exploration for Toy Story 3

Island concept for The Incredibles

Dash's classroom concept for The Incredibles

Bob's first encounter with Omnidroid layout, for The Incredibles

Bob's first battle with Omnidroid layout, for the Incredibles

WALL-e's home shading concept

WALL-e, Preproduction shading concept

Eve Shading Concept

Video game cover for Cars

Andy's room concept for Toy Story 3

 Early Door Vault Concept for Monsters Inc

Early Neighborhood Concepts for Monsters Inc

SullyAndMike's Living room Concept for Monsters Inc

 Whale Exterior Shading Concept for Nemo

 Whale Interior Concept for Nemo

Barracuda Shading Concept for Nemo

 Ant Island for A Bug's Life

 Cloverforest and Grass concepts for A Bug's Life

 Flik goes to the Big City Layout Concept for A Bug's Life

Francis and Dot in the Dry River Bed Concept for A Bug's Life

Work from Lolapps
For the game Ravenskye City

Loading screen concept, various artists

In game landing area, Variouls Artists

Various Artists

Character design for a client overseas

Character designs for a client


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