Total nostalgic moment. I worked on this game way back when. Back like 1993-94, in my pubescent freelance career. The game is called Weaponlord, made by Visual Concepts, published by Namco. It was one of the coolest freelance job I had back then. Got to have fun painting death metal style pile of bones, dungeons, demons, skulls, etc. I had so much fun. I had totally forgotten about the game, it's been so long. But just recently, I was contacted by the game designer James Goddard, and Steve Chiang(now a big wig at Zynga), who were the original guys on Weaponlord, and got me in contact with Maxwell McGee, who writes for He wanted to interview all the folks who worked on Weaponlord for a special article that he is writing. It was a great experience reliving some of the moments, and recalling the old way of doing illustration. Anyone remember faxes, 24 hour Copymat runs, so you can send the fax to your client, etc? Those were definitely the good ol days. Anyways, have fun reading this article. Might bring back some memories for you old foggies. 

Here's some samples of the paintings. 



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