APE update

Hi everyone. Thanks for coming out to APE and making this event one of my best experiences. I really had a great time out there with all of you. This was my first booth at APE this weekend. Here's a shot of the booth. Now, back to drawing and more painting, to get ready for the next one!!


Veronica said…
Sweet! I want to do this some year!
Hi Glenn, it was great to meet you on Sunday! (at the Round Robin table...) Sorry I missed you at you at your booth, you had taken a break for lunch. Really love your work!
Glenn said…
Hi Nadine. Great meeting you too, and thanks for signing my Totoro book!!
Hi Veronica, yes, you definitely should. I would love to see your frankenstein book out there!

Also FYI, I only had a half table. The other half, the side with the surfboard girls, is by Genevieve Tsai. She is a super talented artist, and we all had such a great time sharing the table!

Sorry you missed out Jason!
Daniel Woodling said…
Hi Glenn!

It was great finally talking face to face with you at APE. The sketchbook you and everyone else at lolapps put together was inspiring and fresh! I've been pouring over it for the last few days. Hope to keep in contact with you,

- Dan
Glenn said…
Thanks Daniel.
Shishir Naik said…
Your work is wonderful!

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