Additional news of late. My first self published BOOK!!

I just finished working on a self published book titled "Paper Sword". I am very excited to share it on the blogsphere! I will be selling copies of it for the first time at San Diego Comic Con at a PopUp store that my friend Scott Morse will be hosting simultaneously during the SDCon. His store will be called "Trickster". Awesome name!!

He generously offered a space for my book. Thanks so much for the opportunity Scott!!

Then, I will also, hopefully, be getting a table at APE right here in San Francisco this October!  We're on a waiting list!! But if we it does work out, I'm planning on possibly having another book, along with "Paper Sword".

And as a last note, I want to give props to the printer Ken, and his company KENESS. He is a local SF printer, and he did a great job with a quick turn around. I really liked what he did with the Ghana Art Block Auction catalog, so it was a no brainer!

Anyways, below are some crude late night pictures of the book itself. I promise, the original looks way better! The book is a small collection of work that are on my blog, but I wanted to get some of my favorites into one place. Especially when it's actual real PAPER! I love real paper!!


Kate said…
Hey Glen! Congrats on your first book, it looks beautiful!
Daniel Woodling said…
Wonderful! Hopefully I can purchase a copy at APE!
Serena Lim said…
Julian and I will be at APE; looking forward to getting our hands on a copy . . .

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