Let's just use your imagination

This painting, and the previous two, are all inspirations from listening my little daughter. She would run around picking up a little round stone, or a plastic toy, or anything, and start saying the lines from "A Bug's Life" when Flick talks to Dot about the big tree and using the stone as a pretent seed. She would say, "let's pretend that this is a seed ok?" Then I would say, "But it's a stone?". She'd say, "oh I know I know it's a stone, but let's just use our imagination!!!".

Just really makes me think of the innocence and imaginative play of little children. It seems like her imaginations get fueled by things that she sees and experiences, then they can play pretend for hours. If I could only just get into her little brain for a minute and try to unleash the unbound imagination!! But alas, not possible. So this is my best attempt at things that she might see in her mind where anything is possible.


John Stone said…
Nice! Cool Concept.
Wow!!! These are right on! Really inspiring...you are blessed with a brilliant little muse (and with a father's love in listening to her).

Hope you do more of this kind of magical realism. The fun and love really comes through -- just perfect! Wish we had more art like this - and more little muses : )

Glenn Kim said…
Thank you everybody! Really appreciate your comments. Makes me want to keep creating.

BTW, this painting and a few others will be auctioned at a benefit next month. I will post the details once I have all the information together.

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