Painting for Ray Bradbury Week in August.

I finished the painting for the upcoming Ray Bradbury week. As I briefly mentioned in the previous post with the rough paintings, it's a cool idea organized by a Steven Leiva, who is a friend of Ray Bradbury. He put out a call to artists to contribute art for Bradbury's 80th birthday coming up in August.

Lou Romano first told me about this, and I thought it would be really fun to try to do a painting of one of my favorite Bradbury stories. I always really liked Farenheit 451, so started thinking about that story.
I settled on featuring the scary hound that tracks down books and burns them. I also really wanted to make the hound as scary as possible, and I got my inspiration from a steam train. Something so basic and just hard core functional about a steam engine, and the mechanics necessary to run those beasts. That's how I pictured the "book sniffing hound" in Farenheit 451.  I'd imagine that they wouldn't build the flame shooting hound with any sleek design. It would be a functional machine that has only what's necessary to accomplish it's mission. If it gets damaged, attacked, or what ever, there will be another one to replace it. I also think it'll operate on a gas engine of some sort. You'd have to pull the cord like a lawn mower just to get the beast going!! That'll be really cool. Here's the finished painting.


Sheri said…
Wow, great painting and representation of the hound! One of my favorite books too!

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