A couple of new paintings in progress

Working on some new paintings for the upcoming Ray Bradbury week in August. I still want to finish up the painting with the Robot Hound.

FYI, this is an event organized by a writer Steven Paul Leiva. He is organizing artists to submit paintings to him, so that he can give Ray Bradbury on his birthday in August. Here's his facebook page showing some of the submissions. Check it out!!


James O'Shea said…
Hi Glenn, I love the fahrenheit 451 piece. the colors are so simple yet powerful. thanks for sharing. btw, I think your posts and interviews are very fascinating. Are you ever going to teach the FilmClass for 'older kids'... 20+ ;P I would be very interested! just a thought.
Glenn Kim said…
Hi James.
I haven't thought of making a older kids film class just yet. I think it's a great idea though. Maybe soon!

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