An old painting I found of and friend who is no longer with us

This is a painting of one of my former co-workers, John Anderson that was done way back when he and I worked on Toy Story 2. I was researching skin texture reference for 'Al'. The human character that steals Woody. Anyways, I took some pictures of my co-workers, and I liked this photo so did a watercolor study. It's of John, and he looks like he's on a bright beach, squinting at the bright sun. Anyways, years later, I find out that he died while working and living in Australia. He was a super nice guy, and very talented. It's always regretful when you hear about someone that you knew passing, and wish that you had more time to be friends. Well, John, this is how I will always remember you. Looking out at the world with positive curiosity, and into the bright sun.


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