Finished shading concept for the Zepplin

More close to how this Zepplin should look. It's suppose to be an old blimp that has been in service for a long time and the crew repairs it when ever it breaks or developes a leak. So it has that patched and weathered look. Also, I try to indicate that when the sun is backlighting it, you can see the understructure of the blimp. Next, a detail painting of the bottom of the blimp.

And here's the unshaded model that was the base of the painting. Now once this "Shading Concept" gets approved by the director, the model will get turned over to the shading artist, and get shaded. My painting will be used as a style guide.


Munchanka said…
Looks terrific, Glenn! I was telling Emma, the art for this film reminds me of the stuff that used to make me geek out as a kid.
Glenn Kim said…
I agree. I think that's why she's getting so many people that wants to help! I'm really enjoying it too. And yes, it is a whole lot like the kind of films that I remember as a kid. Starwars, Blade Runner(although, I didn't really understand this one till I was a bit older), Mad Max.

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