Another project I'm working on

This painting is a shading concept paint, in progress. I still have a bit to go to get more details in it, but just wanted to post it as a WIP. This model will be built in 3D, shaded, and used in a live action short film that is being made. I can't wait to see it comped in with everything!! I will be posting more images and work related to this project as well.


Looks very cool, can't wait to see more. I'm curious what size you work in for these kind of things?
Glenn Kim said…
Hey Armand. Good to hear from you. Yeh, since this is a shading concept, I usually work kinda large. I will be adding details in the gondola, and fabric texture and many other details in a painting like this so I need a good amount of detail. I usually work at 180 to 200 dpi, and maybe 17inches wide? Just depends. Sometimes I'll start smaller at 72dpi, then start scaling up larger as I start noticing pixels in the close up areas.

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