New cover art for Cars Video games

Hi. Wanted to post this to show one of the latest cover art I did. This time, it's for the video game company THQ. They take all of Pixar's movies and turn them into video games. This is a third instalment of the popular Cars video game series, and I ended up helping them out because they didn't have any final Pixar Character models to do the cover art with. Usually, they get all of Pixar's fully shaded final models, and backgrounds, so working with internal Pixar people, they were able to get lots of rendered images to work from. In this case, since they built the whole world, and created new cars, especially McQueen, the finished art was not there.

My challenge was to create a fully rendered image, from an unlit low poly image they sent me. It was really fun working with our Creative Resources people, and getting feedback from our art directors, and THQ people, and making it work.

Here's a post of what the image I got, and the final paintings.

Then the final art

I also had to make a version for PSP, based on the FlashBack McQueen you see in the original Cars.


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