Another painting done in Colors!

I"m starting to get the hang of using this software, Colors!. At first, I was fighting it trying to use it as a drawing tool, like a sketch book. It can certainly be used as that(I"m sure there are artists out there that are), but I find it more useful as a 'capture the moment' type of tool, like I mentioned in the previous post. Artists are always conflicted with that very idea. How do you capture that beautiful girl who just walked past you, and you have her hair color, the light that was hitting her face just a certain way, or just that unforgettable moment that you want to put down on a canvas or the sketch book right away, and if you try to wait till you get home, you'll forget that moment. Anyways, not that I'm great at having done a ton of work like this, but I feel that this tool, Colors!, gives me the resource to be able to do just that. Whether I actually capture every moment, is another matter!

Here's one of those moments. I was watching the new remake of King Kong on TV. Not a great movie, but as always, has some stunning visuals. This is one of those that caught my eye.


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