New painting using the iPhone called "Colors"

I'm so excited about this very easy to use, but very powerful painting software called Colors that I started using on my iPhone. Go check them out. (I was having some problems registering as a user this morning, so I'm hoping that they are not having any problems). Anyways, here's a quick painting that was done to help me learn the tool. The main reason why I like the tool is because I can quickly jot down something that I see, like a fleeting moment, that I want to capture, but I never have the sketch book or the camera handy. But I almost always have my iPhone with me! With this tool,  I can at least use it like a visual note book, if you will. This painting was done from my recollection of what I saw as I was driving down a road near where I live. I Saw this vibrant red Maple tree screened by some sort of pine, or dark green tree, and it was so striking, that I wanted to capture it before I forgot. I quickly pulled over and jotted down a few finger strokes, and I was able to finish the painting comfortably later on. I'm hoping to use the tool more in that fashion, rather than using it as a finish painting tool. I have Photoshop for that. Anyways, hopefully, I'll be posting more of this kind of work.


Anonymous said…
This is beautiful! Love the colors!
Glenn Kim said…
Ah thanks. I still don't think my painting does justice to the impression that I had when I first saw this tree. Also, if you want to take a look at how the painting was done, you can goto the Colors! website, and visit my site. Here's the link. Hope it works:

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