Maker Fair

I missed this years Maker Fair in San Mateo again! But I did get to spend some time browsing their website, video blogs, links to artists work, etc, and boy, it's just amazing how much beautiful art there is out there. I am now a firm believer in 'nothing is impossible'. I think the human mind, and the creativity expressed here are just simply mind blowing. I am also inspired to take my art to the next level. Browse around the links here, and the links they provide on their sites. A great way to clock those hours at work with something inspirational!
Some of the notable artists that stood out for me are and Brian Dettmer.

Stephane makes some of most imaginative 3D figures, cars, and art objects I've ever seen. I see a lot of Miyazaki in his work. Brian Dettmer takes an art book(it seems to me), then deconstructs, and creates a almost an abstract art object out of a whole book.


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