Family Portrait

Once in a while, I get request from family to scan some old photos and clean it up, print me 10 copies so that all the uncles and aunts can have a copy, or something like that. Those are usually pretty simple. But this time, my dad asked me to take two photos of my grand parents that were taken at different times, and he asked me to scan both, and combine to make it look like they took the photo together! Both my grand parents are gone, so this is what I had to work with. So, I took the two photos, and scanned them, and separated out the individuals. Then using all sorts of photoshop techniques, etc, I managed to combine them to look a bit like they posed together for this photo. I added a nice traditional Korean door in the background to make it look like they took posed in front of it.
Not bad I think. Not perfect, but considering I spent about two hours on it between waiting for renders on my computer for my real job...


maxime said…
I like a lot the manner of which have you mix the two photos, the result is really well! (Excuse me for my English, I am French. ..)

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